Seven Hills Bioreagents

The Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation (CCRF) opened in 1931 at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. The CCRF is the largest pediatric research program in the Midwest, conducting both basic and clinical research.  Our scientists have been responsible for such breakthrough discoveries as the Sabin oral polio vaccine, the first practical heart-lung machine that made open heart surgery possible, and discovery of key ingredients of the surfactant preparation used throughout the world to save the lives of thousands of premature infants each year.

Seven Hills Bioreagents, a venture of Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation, was established with the mission of providing high quality reagents generated by our expert scientists to the broader scientific community. Seven Hills can provide unprecedented product support because the reagents are supplied by expert researchers who are actively using them in their own laboratories. In addition, because there is no middleman, Seven Hills can supply reagents at competitive prices with fast, personalized service.

Meet our researchers!

Ann Akeson
Expert in vascular development of the lung

James Lessard 
Created the C4 actin antibody widely used as a loading control for Western blots

Jeff Molkentin 
Expert in signaling and transcriptional control of cardiac disease

Timothy E. Weaver, MS, PhD
Developed SP-B and SP-C antibodies

Jeff Whitsett 
Expert in pulmonary biology and developed the TTF-1 antibody


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Recently Published Articles

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ERdj4 and ERdj5 are required for endoplasmic reticulum-associated protein degradation of misfolded surfactant protein C. Mol. Biol. Cell 2008;19:2620-2630.

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