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James L. Lessard, Ph.D.James L. Lessard, Ph.D. is Associate Director of the Division of Developmental Biology and Professor of Pediatrics at CCHMC.

Dr. Lessard is a leading researcher in muscle biology. His work is focused on understanding the role of the four different forms (skeletal, cardiac, vascular, and enteric) of muscle actins both during development and in adult muscle tissue. Using a variety of experimental approaches, Dr. Lessard’s work has demonstrated that different muscle actins perform distinct functions in different muscle types. In the course of Dr. Lessard’s research, he has generated high quality antibody reagents that have been provided to numerous laboratories for use in immunohistochemistry, western blotting and other applications. For example, Dr. Lessard’s C4 pan-actin monoclonal antibody has been in wide use for almost 20 years, establishing a proven track-record for the quality and consistency of this reagent. As Dr. Lessard continues to develop and test reagents required for his research, these will be made available through Seven Hills Bioreagents.

James L. Lessard, PhD at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

James L. Lessard PhD CV


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